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19. Changing Rooms Eve 😬

With our new arrival finally coming tomorrow we had a few things that needed to be done in readiness this weekend.

Install the remaining foundation pads:-

Because of the drainage trench behind the changing rooms it meant we couldn't install the final 4 foundation pads originally. We ordered some stone in and Johnny worked on filling and rolling it today so that the remaining pads could be installed.

Filling and rolling the drainage trench and installing the remaining pads Oct 22

As usual nothing is plain sailing and the dream team of Johnny and Scooby soon realised that the tarmac was too high! This meant having to cut the tarmac and dig it out so the slab could be installed at the same level as the rest.

To be fair they smashed it and got them in so the foundations are now complete and ready! 👌🏼

Electric update:-

Today we filled in the joint hole next to the pitch where the electric was connected to the existing. We also mixed up some concrete and filled the hole beneath our electric box which makes it safer and looks much better.

The electric joint hole and gap beneath the box

We've also had some progress away from the ground with regards to the electric. Thankfully we've had help from Louise Parry to help sort this. Even though the company she works for (Utility Warehouse) couldn't take on any new 'Business Clients' she still phoned around and got us the best deal possible from other suppliers which turned out to be a couple of hundred quid cheaper than what I'd been offered direct by the same company! Thanks Louise! 👍🏻

Unfortunately we've still got to wait 5 weeks for the meter to be installed and made live.

Access for delivery:-

Apart from the foundation pads the other main concern from the company supplying and installing the changing rooms was access. The first issue is actually getting enough room for their lorries to turn in through our gate and the other is the ramp.

We have posted on Facebook asking residents if they will please leave the area fronting the ground clear from Sunday evening and through Monday day and 2 of our u14 players (Evan and Kaiden) posted letters through the doors of houses near the ground.

The letter drop and ramp being installed

The deliveries are coming tomorrow (31st October 2022) from 8am and throughout the day. It will come on at least 6 lorries and they are large units. The access up the street is very tight and we hope there won't be any issues as the last thing we want is the lorries causing havoc in the morning.

We will be putting cones out tonight to hopefully help keep the are clear as we don't want to have to knock doors in the morning and be a pain to try and get cars moved 🙈.

Thanks for everyone's patience and help!

Scooby dragged all the stone over and installed the ramp with the machine and Johnny compacted it with roller. We now have a less steep and much sturdier access ramp!

Goal posts and other bits:-

The obvious things still missing from the pitch are goal posts and markings. Thanks to Kelly and the staff from Kidz Den we managed to purchase our own line marker this week from money they kindly raised for us!

Lewis who has been carrying out our pitch renovation works also said he will mark the pitch out for us this week! He also said that as long as we put the goals together ready he will also mark where we need to dig out for our posts.

Putting the goals together and starting to clear the spectators area

Myself and Andrew put the goals together and placed them at either end of the pitch in readiness. When they were flat on the floor we were worried they wouldn't be high enough as part of the posts will obviously be in the ground. When we picked them up we soon realised that wouldn't be an issue!! (They're almost twice the height of Andrew in the photo!😂).

We then made a start on clearing the steps next to the old stand. This will be an area where spectators can stand to watch the games. We only made a start today, we will need more help to clear this area is it's a big job!

Next steps:-

This week the changing rooms will obviously be delivered and installed. Next weekend we need to complete the drainage and also install the goal posts.

Same location - April 2021 and Oct 2022

We are nearly there now!!

Thanks for reading, KJ ⚽️💙

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