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3. More brambles, more cutting and our first addition to the ground!

Since the last blog we have managed to have another cut done by the council (this time no one decided to cut through the fence to have a look after it was done either, which was nice!) we had a bash with the strimmer to sort the edges out, and we cut down a load more brambles (the joys!).

Evs photo op again (literally lasts 2mins at these jobs, its not slave labour i swear!) and the brambles in the corner+uncut areas by council.

We had to clear a load of brambles in the far corner as they were overgrowing into nearby gardens and cut a load of the grass closer to the fence surrounding the pitch. Hoping the council will get their tractor closer to the edges now we've done this as its full of ant hills and nowhere near as flat as the rest of the pitch. So much work left to be done on this pitch but baby steps and all that! Took best part of the day to strim around the pitch and the area where the container needed to be placed. Ev strimmed for 2 minutes, sprayed for about 10 then spent an hour in the car before i took him home, think his helping days are done bless him!

Can finally see the dugouts again and the corners of the pitch are now clear.

We need to be able to store items at the ground for the kids to train and play etc which meant ordering in a container. Fortunately we received a small grant from Sports Wales which enabled us to purchase a container and a couple of other essentials. Thankfully Randalls Groundworks sold us one of theirs and because its for the kids they didnt charge us for the delivery either which would usually costs hundreds of pounds! We had to clear a space for it, issue letters and requests on Facebook asking for the residents to keep the parking bays empty ready for delivery and it meant having to book a day off work to be there to assist with the delivery too (shouldve only been a couple hours in the morning but ended up not turning up until around 1ish but there you go!).

Delivery of the container - got there in the end!

As always the local residents were a great help again and kept the basy clear for us! Unfortunately one of the residents didn't seem to get the request, but thankfully we tracked him down and he kindly let me pick the keys up off him while he was in work so I could move it out of the way ready for delivery. Without that we would've pretty screwed because the car was directly opposite where we needed the container to go!

So we now have our first addition to the ground as well as clearing a bit more overgrowth and getting a little step closer to where we need to be!

We have just received news that we have been successful with a small grant from Ffos y Fran so we hope to be able to get a gate sorted at the main entrance with the help of that. We have also had a couple of discussions with a local business who may be able to help us massively in the near future so fingers crossed that works out too as it will really help turn things around for us - watch this space!

Thanks for reading.

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