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7. The fun day countdown, helpers, mini digger, strimmer (again) and plenty of rubbish!

We’ve had another busy weekend over the ground trying to get it ready for next Sundays Funday! Thanks to the under 6 coaches (Rhys, Aaron and Andrew) and Scooby’s nephew it was the most help we’ve had at the ground for a looong time! The mission for today was to clear the car park so all volunteers have somewhere to park for next weeks event and also to finish cutting the grass around the pitch. We also had to take down a bit of deadly rusty fencing from the top of the dugouts so it doesn’t fall and impale someone next week and make the fun day not much fun!!😳

The overgrowth and rubbish in the car park and remainder of the long grass around the pitch

The car park was full of overgrowth and dumped rubbish and the most empty cans of booze I think I’ve ever seen!! There was also loads of smashed glass everywhere which isn’t ideal for a car park! Scooby brought his mini digger today which was a godsend in scraping the place clean and the boys cut the bushes and weeds back along with picking up all the litter.

I had another day on the strimmer which was lovely considering my hands havent long stopped trembling from last weeks shift. Everytime I spend any time on the pitch its a reminder of how far off it is from being playable. It’s about 6 inches higher than what it used to be in its playing days and full of weeds, and there’s still a load of ant hills around the sides where the councils tractor hasn’t cut. There’s also a load of ferns which are now growing onto the dugout side of the pitch from the nearby gardens, may keep them though as an ideal place for our wingers to lose their markers?!

The cleared car park and cut pitch, you can now get to the dugouts without getting lost in the grass!

We’re hoping the council will cut the pitch this week ready for the funday or our mower turns up (yes we’re still waiting for the bloody thing!!) otherwise it may be a bit long for our visitors when we open the gates next week (sorry in advance!). Just a general tidy to do next

Saturday and putting up some fencing to make it safe then the big day next Sunday! Praying for good weather, a decent turnout and a great day for everyone. Loads and loads of last minute planning and arranging to do this week in readiness. If anyone would like to help out on the day or want to donate any raffle prizes or anything to help the day then please get in touch.

The next blog will be all about the Fun Day no doubt. We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone to The Athletic for the first time under the ownership of the minis and juniors!

Thanks for reading. KJ

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