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Step 2 - Clearing, tree climbing, weed spraying and Vandalls!

I missed a couple bits off the last blog and forgot to add pics and mention my little helper! In order to get the councils tractor onto the pitch to carry out the cut we had to clear the access of overgrown brambles, grass and overhanging branches. I cleared as much as i could with my loppers which involved some sketchy tree climbing and plenty of cuts and splinters! Also had help from local chippy Dai Lee with his chainsaw and Scooby got a petrol strimmer to clear the grass.

The access before and after clearance works

Other areas that need clearing are the overgrown brambles which are behind the old goals covering the wall and growing down onto the pitch. We cut them back and a couple of the parents have gone there this week with a petrol strimmer. The plan is to eventually clear all the brambles from behind the goals and around past the fire station. This will give supporters somewhere to sit/stand and will also look much better! This will take some time to clear but will be well worth it!

Evan clearing the bushes and brambles and spraying

We also took some levels of the existing banking to get this information to the council so they can guide us on what works are required to it. The plan is to take the steepness out of the slope to make it safer for the players and supporters. We would ideally like to tier it somehow and make it an area where supporters can sit to watch the game but as with everything the cost of this may be too much and we could have to just take the banking back further (eating into the car park) to take the gradient out.

Taking levels at the top and bottom of the banking

Following the excitement of finally having the first cut done and feeling like we are finally starting to get somewhere, we were absolutely gutted to find out that on that same day someone decided to cut through our gate to gain access to the ground. For the life of me i cant figure out why anyone would want to do it, you cant even use the pitch yet as it is going to take the best part of a year to get it back to a playable standard! We have temporarily fixed this but it does mean more costs to us to get it properly repaired - as if we didnt have enough to sort out as it is!! Absolutely gutted and hope nothing else happens like it, we are all volunteers trying to bring a pitch/ground back to life that has been part of the community for over 100 years for our kids to play on for the next 100+ years!

A square was cut out of the gate and bent inwards for someone to gain access - why i don't know?!

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